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About Auction

1.How ?
You can bid for the vehicle at various Japanese car auction houses through us as we are the member of all Japanese auction houses . Purchasing vehicle at the auction houses directly in Japan is cheapest and reliable way . We can serve as your auction against and bid on vehicles on your behalf at the auction .
2. What's the advantage ?

It will enable you to get cars with lowest proce because it is auction . You can buy cars directly from seller through us at auction , so there's no profit margin of intermediates .

Also , you don't need to pay double freight cost country to importing cars from Dubai because the car price sold in Dubai arleady include freight cost from Japan to Dubai , of couse .
Also cars sold in Dubai tend to be rusy and bad because of saity and sand.

b) You can choose cars from huge selection , 100,000 cars per week . You prefer MT ? you prefer after 1999 year ?
No problem . There are huge selection , any model .

c) You can see detail information of the car condition before you decide to bid . The information gives you not only basic car info , but also detail description such as scratches dent ,etc . You can be sure that you are paying fair price for the car considering all factors which affect price .

d) We will prove you with all information , including but not limited to , documents from auction house which shows the price we bid behalf of you . You won't be cheated .
We have USS Auution you can search
your Car wanting it!
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About USS Auction

Your cost through auction is ONLY as follws
( setting aside Vehicle Final Price and Freight )

a) Inland delivery cost ,
( domestic transportation from auction house to Japan
port )

b)shopping arrangement and documentation.
(We will inform in every case.)

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