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Basically, we find out a car desired from auction. However, we put stock No in a column of the stock No of the order from, and give me an e-mail if there is a car desired in our stock vehicle.
We reply to your after confirming it.
In addition, in there being the case that a car model desired cannot send by age-style regulation legally of your country.
Beforehand, we have you confirm it by visitor oneself by all means whether we can export the cars to the country of the visitor.
We do not accept the cancellation of the car after the purchase at auction at all. The return of the deposit is not possible, too. Even if we become the situation that cannot pass customs after a car arrived at the port,
we cannot take responsibility here please confirm it by all means.

※Attention ! !
There is a neccessary entry column in an order form .
Please fill there out by all means. There is the case that cannot reply to you by an email when we do not fill it ou

If a car model desired is decided, we inform it of an amount of money that we included mode of transportation ( FOB, C&F, CIF ) by FAX or an email. And please remit deposit in T / T ( Telegraphic transfer ) Within 48 hours. The amounts of money of the deposit are different by the price of the car, we have an amount of money 100% of the price of the car.
If a remittance is completed, please fax an invoice given by the bank to us ( +81-6-6702-0582 ) In addition, it deals with only Japanese Yen,
And we cannot do it. Please remit it for Japanese Yen. It is from 9:00 to 15:00 inbanking hours. It is impossible for the confirmation of the remittance on Sunday, Saturday and holiday because it is a regular holiday. Please understand it.

We look for the model for which you hope from the auction when the remittance with the remittance with T /T can be confirmed.
However, when your wanted car is special, it might be unusually time -consuming somewhat.
In that case, three months are assumed to be alimit. When the hope model is not found after three months.
We will repay the full amount. Still, we continuously look for your hope model by my best when it wants you to keep looking for continuously.

By Case with stock car already When the remittance with T / T can be confirmed, the shipping preparation of the wanted car is done.

By auction When the hope model is found,
it makes a succussful bit for it by the auction.
And, the car is improved to our years and shipping is prepared.
The land transportation expense in that case becomes additional cost.

It is different according to the auction hall.


When shipping and customs clearance in Japan are completed,
*B / L (Bill of Lading) copy and the estimate of the difference are faxed to you.
Please remit the amount of money of the remainder with
T/ T when you take them.
When we confirm the remittance, the document and the original of B / L (Bill of Lading ) is sent here to the address that you specified in EMS or DHL.

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